Registered Pygmy Goats and Akc French Bulldogs

Registered Pygmy Goats and Registered French Bulldogs in SO CAL!!

I raise authentic registered pygmy goat kids that are for sale, we carry many different colors and they give birth throughout the year, we do have 2 for sale right now but we always have pregnant does if you would like to put your name on the waiting list and this lets you know you will get a goat, first come first serve, but it allows you to have time to learn about them and get a proper pen ready, they are weaned when they are 7 weeks old and are extremely friendly and they are very easy to train to walk on a leash and are registered so you can show them, they are a perfect year round 4h project as well. The kids are handled immediately after they are born and are sold, dehorned, microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated, they are very low matience animals, if you have any further questions about pygmy goats feel free to email me, and I can answer any questions that you may have, these goats go fast!

French Bulldogs are worth every penny :)  They are a dog that never goes unnoticed. They have a bully personality and are the best little dogs. When looking for a new breed of dog I did a lot of research and found the best dog for me would be a French Bulldog. They are dogs that just want to lay in your lap and are super chill at home, but if you take them out they try to strut there stuff. Everyone loves a bulldog. I liked the frenchies because they were smaller than the English cousin. Frenchies range from 19 to 28 lbs, but nine out of ten times I run into another frenchie they are 27-35 lbs. I wanted a frenchie but I wanted to focus more on size. I cant carry a 30 pound dog in my arms…The question I get asked the most is “are they full grown”? and yes they are its just because people are used to seeing them on the bigger end. I love the more rare colors as well which cost more but I love them all! If people think driving a nice car is cool just wait till you have a frenchie on the end of your leash ;)