Registered Pygmy Goats and Akc French Bulldogs

Cali: Blue Sable and Tan

This girl has got it all! She is going to create some special pups that is for sure. She is blue but has tan legs. She is what they call a blue sable and tan. This is EXTREMELY rare at this time (2012). Her DNA is ay/a and dd so she can produce, solid black, black and tan, blue and tan, solid blue, blue sable, fawn, blue fawn, blue brindle. She can produce eventually what I like to call "the frenchie rainbow". Can't wait to see how this girl develops, but I know she is going to take my breeding program very far in a short amount of time. I am really proud of this girl. Welcome The Perfect Creations Princess Cali. Her mom was a black and tan and her dad was a blue sable just like her!