Registered Pygmy Goats and Akc French Bulldogs

The Perfect Pygmies NPGA registered / Akc Registered Frenchies!

 Hello, my name is Breanna Doke and I bought my first pygmy goat when I was 14 years old. I started in 4-H and was involved until I was 18. I have continued to show at the National Pygmy Goat sanctioned shows and then I got into breeding. I have been breeding pygmy goats since 2005-2006 and my herd has only continued to grow. I mainly have a herd of 10 pygmy goats that is constantly fluctuating throughout the year. I have one male, he is a brown agouti and his name is Hugh Hefner. All of my pygmy goats are CL and CAE negitive and throw beautiful kids throughout the year. Pygmy goats are pregnant for 5 months and on average have twins. All my babies are sold dehorned (unless otherwise stated); micro chipped, vaccinated, dewormed, bathed and trimmed hooves (which I will show you how to do). Pygmy goats are low matience and love to have a friend or two since they are herd animals. My pygmy goats favorite treats are animal crackers and love to go up to our vineyard and eat the grape leaves. They are the best pets I could have asked for growing up.


I started looking into new projects that I could be working on while I am going to school to become a Registered Nurse. I was looking into breeds of dogs since I LOVE DOGS!, and came across French Bulldogs. I love that bully look and there little muscles! I bought my first french bulldog locally in Southern California tricking the person who was with me just to go a little more down the freeway after we went to the San Diego Zoo ( I had been planning this for a few days). When I got to the breeders house I immediately fell in love! I was so happy to go home tell my parents of my find then probably go pick her up the next day as she was of age to leave her family. On the way home she was SOLD. When I got the text message I cried all the way home, how could this happen?!? Being sad for a few days since I found my perfect pup and it was the one that got away I started looking hard online for something that would compare to her. I couldnt find what I wanted and was pretty upset. That day I got a text message saying she was back for sale, PRETTY MUCH THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE! The owner who bought her then realized he couldnt afford her. If your looking into this breed the dog usually is paid off before the puppies switch arms. Anyway I was happy with the outcome and that is how I got my little CHANEL. And to not make this too long that is pretty much how my french bulldog craze all started..... (Chanel I blame this all on you)! lol

 this is a youtube I took of my dogs,  paste the link and watch the video! enjoy